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No Sand In My Pants......... (or anywhere else)

By Steve @ Kiwi Blokarts UK, Feb 25 2017 11:54AM

Has anyone else noticed how the days are getting longer? It can only mean one thing - summer is coming. This week I heard on the radio that the clocks change in a mere 4 weeks and that means more daylight time to go sailing. That's a good thing!

With the crazy weather of 2016 now well and truly behind us it's time to get stoked about what summer 2017 has in store for us. Let's pray there will be plenty of sunshine, breeze and blokart grins.

If you haven't yet tried blokart sailing, or maybe you have but haven't been out in one for a while, why not make this the summer you ignite the grin and come sailing with others at England's most central blokart venue.

The joy of inland sailing is evident from the growing number of Blokart sailing enthusiasts wishing to meet up regularly for no other reason than to sail together, have a laugh and generally socialize without the hassle of spending extra time attempting to remove copious amounts of sand from every nook and cranny (on both the blokart and the person) at the end of a day sailing.

Of course we still love to visit the beach occasionally for a bit of slip and slide fun also, but if you’re limited for time and have other commitments which only allow a quick fix, sailing on a sealed surface allows all the fun without the hassle – not only that there’s no build up of encroaching sand in your car/van/garage/house and that’s also got to save time – and with less resistance under the wheels that means less wind is required to get going, that’s more time sailing folks. It really makes sense.

If you’re a dinghy sailor you will be up and going in less than five minutes with all the same skills used to sail the Blokart but with a lot less effort. Be warned though, things happen much quicker and that tends to be addictive.

If you have never sailed anything before booking in for a Blokart session is highly recommended. In 30 minutes you too can be sailing and wondering why you have never tried this fabulous pastime earlier!

Below is a link to a great news article from New Zealand and shows that age is no barrier to sailing a Blokart.


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