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Happy sailing everyone!

By Steve @ Kiwi Blokarts UK, Oct 21 2018 08:58PM

If someone had told me it had been over a year since the last blog post I wouldn't have believed them.........

It's been a crazy year with all sorts of weather - loads of wind (with rain), no wind (this year with plenty of sunshine, who'd have thought), the odd tropical storm or the remnants of them, but thrown in the mix has been a couple of absolutely cracking oportunities to get those blokarts out and go sailing!

A couple of us got the karts out over New Year and arrived at the Aerodrome in the snow and got 'first tracks'.

It was actually a great day sailing and with the ability to dive in to the crew room for hot drinks and food it gave us time to thaw out if needed.

In August we hosted the first 'Midlands Blokart Bash' weekend. It was decided to hold the event over the weekend of the 18th and 19th and that turned out to be the right decision. The wind dutifully showed up both days with perfect sailing conditions that allowed shorts and t-shirts to be worn.

There was no organised racing and all sailing was purely social, but when there are a few blokarts in one spot there will always be the 'I'm not racing but I think I can beat you to the other end of the runway' moments and this weekend was no different.

Camping on site was great and of course the BBQ was fired up at the end of the day.

This will hopefully become an annual event and just get better and better.

October saw a number of Midlands sailors heading to Llanbedr for the 2018 British Championships.

With sailors attending from as far away as New Zealand along with Belgians/Dutch & Swedes it was a truely international affair with lots of close racing.

As I write this there is a number of British sailors attending the 2018 World Championships in Majorca so I'm sure there will be many stories to be heard when they return.

What's in store for 2019? Who knows.... but if the breeze is blowing I'm sure there will be a blokart getting sailed somewhere.

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Happy sailing everyone


ps; I'll try and write the next blog post a bit sooner than this one

By Steve @ Kiwi Blokarts UK, Feb 25 2017 11:54AM

Has anyone else noticed how the days are getting longer? It can only mean one thing - summer is coming. This week I heard on the radio that the clocks change in a mere 4 weeks and that means more daylight time to go sailing. That's a good thing!

With the crazy weather of 2016 now well and truly behind us it's time to get stoked about what summer 2017 has in store for us. Let's pray there will be plenty of sunshine, breeze and blokart grins.

If you haven't yet tried blokart sailing, or maybe you have but haven't been out in one for a while, why not make this the summer you ignite the grin and come sailing with others at England's most central blokart venue.

The joy of inland sailing is evident from the growing number of Blokart sailing enthusiasts wishing to meet up regularly for no other reason than to sail together, have a laugh and generally socialize without the hassle of spending extra time attempting to remove copious amounts of sand from every nook and cranny (on both the blokart and the person) at the end of a day sailing.

Of course we still love to visit the beach occasionally for a bit of slip and slide fun also, but if you’re limited for time and have other commitments which only allow a quick fix, sailing on a sealed surface allows all the fun without the hassle – not only that there’s no build up of encroaching sand in your car/van/garage/house and that’s also got to save time – and with less resistance under the wheels that means less wind is required to get going, that’s more time sailing folks. It really makes sense.

If you’re a dinghy sailor you will be up and going in less than five minutes with all the same skills used to sail the Blokart but with a lot less effort. Be warned though, things happen much quicker and that tends to be addictive.

If you have never sailed anything before booking in for a Blokart session is highly recommended. In 30 minutes you too can be sailing and wondering why you have never tried this fabulous pastime earlier!

Below is a link to a great news article from New Zealand and shows that age is no barrier to sailing a Blokart.


By Steve @ Kiwi Blokarts UK, Jan 2 2016 10:23PM

So the start of a new year always brings with it the anticipated highs and lows of New Year resolutions.

I personally have taken up the challenge to lose some weight by getting on the bike for some charity fundraising rides - www.justgiving.com/steveisonhisbike - and just as importantly I hope to find a new level of joy from my time spent sailing with friends, whether in the blokart or on the water.

Maybe 2016 could be the year you discover the excitement and joys of blokart sailing for the first time, or is it the year you rediscover how much fun it is when friends get together to share a day sailing/chatting/hanging out.

There are loads of great things happening this year - of course the monthly blokart sessions at Finmere are always great (third Sunday of each month if you want to come along).

There is the Blokart World Championships being held in Ivanpah, Nevada, from 4th-14th April (www.blokartworlds.com).

There’s always something happening around the UK as people travel to visit friends for a weekend sailing for some social sailing and the obligatory “this isn’t a race, but I bet I can get around the markers quicker than you!’ challenges are thrown down.

The British Championships are being held on the 15th/16th October.

2016 has the event going back to the beach. It will be the first time The Brits have been held at this venue but I’m sure the host club will use their experience to organize a slick event. Let’s hope the beach is smooth and firm, and that there will be a decent breeze.

For those who like to travel there’s a plethora of European Open events -Lithuanian 20/21 Feb, Belgian 26/27 Feb, French 23/24 Apr, plus the Dutch, Spanish, German, Austrian events still to be advised there’s plenty to choose from.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to go race, but equally as many if not more chances to just meet up with friends and spend the day sailing and that’s what Blokart ownership is all about – getting together, having a laugh, sharing stories, eating biscuits, having BBQs, camping together and being part of one big global family who all share the Blokart Grin.

So what was your resolution?

If you want to try something new and haven’t tried Blokart sailing consider yourself invited. Give me a call and we’ll make it happen.

Have a great 2016 and I hope to see you soon!

Steve H. K63

By Steve @ Kiwi Blokarts UK, Oct 13 2015 11:26PM

With a little under two weeks to go until this years installment of The Brits everyone will start watching the forecasts for some breeze.

Once again we will be heading to Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire for the event, at what has to be one of the very best venues in the UK to sail on.

It's great to see the entry list with pilots coming from far and wide, including pilots from Belgium, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand (well kind of NZ, i think there's a story to be had there!)

If you haven't tried sailing a Blokart yet why not get in touch, it's so easy your granny could do it!

Who knows, next year you could be entering in The Brits and enjoying the great event that it is.......

Steve, K63

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