Welcome to the amazing thrill-packed new sport of blokart sailing. Whether for fun or competition you are sure to meet other like-minded enthusiasts to blast around with.


The blokart was developed by inventor & Managing Director Paul Beckett in the garage of his home in New Zealand, during September of 1999. With a background in hangliding and land sailing Paul was inspired to build a serious wind-powered craft that was fun, fast and compact.

Matt Beckett (GM) joined his father a year later to assist with brand development and take blokart to market.

"Blokart continues to exceed our wildest expectations and has realised the dreams of many. For the competitive; a chance for all to compete on a level playing field (legs optional). For the family; our range of accessories means everyone of all ages can experience the thrill of blokart sailing".


We welcome you to join this sailing revolution, we know you’ll enjoy the ride.

Kiwi Blokarts UK is owned and operated by Steven Harvey. As the company name suggests Steve is a Kiwi (New Zealander) who immigrated to the UK in 2004. He has a passion for sailing and can often be found introducing the basics of the sport to newcomers, as well as working with competent sailors who are aiming to improve - whether instructing someone in a blokart or on the water as a qualified RYA Senior Dinghy Instructor & Race Coach, Steve loves what he does.


He won the 2007 British Blokart Championship in his class (Performance Heavyweight) and retained the title in 2008. He finished the 2009 Championship in 3rd, unfortunately just missing out on a 3rd consecutive title.

In 2010 Steve competed at the second World Blokart Championships where he finished a respectable 10th place.


After a few years off the podium 2014 had Steve pairing up to the reigning British Champion and finishing 2nd, in the process experiencing some of the best conditions ever raced in during a British Champioships.


Steve's Blokart Story -


Steve was introduced to blokart by a friend in the NZ summer of 2001-02. He was instantly  hooked while trying it over a "slightly extended" lunchbreak.


" There I was minding my own business when a mate who I grew up sailing with, and competing against, showed up at my work place and suggested I come and have a look at what he had in the boot of the car. Intrigued, I went out the back and had a look. There it was - a nice black bag, not much bigger than a set of golf clubs, with "blokart" labelled nicely in one corner. "A what?" was the question that followed, and Dave quickly explained this sail powered kart that was way to much fun, took no time to set up, and would give me the grin that we used to get as kids when we would 'accidently' capsize and sink dinghies on the local lake (but that's another story).

Lunch was in twenty minutes and Dave said he would meet me at a local park ready to show me what it was all about.

Upon arrival he gave me a very brief introduction - sit there, steer with that, pull that to make it go, ah, forget it, you'll work it out - then push, off he sent me.


Result - A Blokart Grin


I was hooked and haven't looked back. I have to admit when I first moved to the UK my kart did sit in the garage for a couple of  years. I wasn't sure if there were any others around. It was still early days for blokart in the UK and I hadn't heard about the national organisation at that point. After a couple of visits to a local council common, but nothing to serious, I was lucky to stumble across the BLSA website and a slowly growing UK blokart scene.


I've now been involved within the UK scene since mid 2006 and I love the fact that as a dealer and activity provider I can now introduce others to the thrills, the community, and the addiction, that is blokart.

I really hope you too will be intrigued by blokart and give me an opportunity to give you the "grin".


Happy sailing, Steve - K63

No engine noise, no brakes, no regrets.



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